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Our family has been dealing with demolition for 50 years, the business was started by our grandfather and has become an extensive construction network by his sons and grandchildren. We are covering every demolition types and connecting them with unique routine and expertise in the Hungarian construction industry.

Our grandfather began his business in 1970, the main profile was the preparation of construction sites and the demolition of buildings. The given political conditions and Moscow's authority did not allow us the dynamic growth but through these hard times the external and internal demolition of the buildings was perfected to such an extent that we soon became famous for our business. At this point He also teached her children all the mysteries of the profession. At the end of the 80s, our family had the chance because the regime changed, the soviet authority fallen. We got the unique routine in demolition and landscaping in Hungary while most of others in the country never ran business before. The inflow of western capital has embedded new constructions across the country, so finally in these new democratic conditions we were able to grow dynamically. Today the grandchildren are also in the industry, controling companies. The brothers and grandchildren have all started their own businesses to fully cover this sector of the construction industry, and have been pursuing their grandfather's and father's business dreams for nearly 30 years. Nowadays Our family companies covers the segment completely, including: earthworks, building demolition, special alipinist and blasting demolitions, precision manual breakdowns near monumental extensions, the removement and handle of hazardous materials. We often work in a consortium to date, so that we can fully satisfy our customers' most stringent, complex expectations without the involvement of external contractors. We do not know obstacles in the demolition sector, we solve anything without complications at the highest levels. Our family has the tools and machines to carry out any work. Today, we can proudly mention leading companies, municipalities and mayor offices as ours partners.

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We can fuse 100 of our specialized personnel for each project

Precision demolition with hand

We control outstanding number of human resource as hand demolition teams, so the precision interior and monumental demolitions are carried out smoothly without risk easily.

Interior demolition

Demolition of buildings to internal structures for major transformations and extensions. With manual and machine solutions. With sophisticated machine fleet and high expertise.

Complete demolition

Fast and efficient, noise and resonance free with hydraulic biting, crushing and cracking heads. Demolition of complete buildings according to EU standards.

Earthworks and landscaping

Remove of buildings and remnants of buildings. Removing the roots of cut trees, excavating fallen cellars. Landscaping, terrain preparation for constructions. Moving masses, raising embankments, digging ditches and canals.

High demolition

Complete demolition of office buildings, granaries, chimneys and other multi-storey buildings. We have no hurdles for our machines with cutters and biting pins. Alpinist manual discrafting depending on the situation.

Special and blasting solutions

Special concret-cutting, -drilling, -crushing. Alpinsta solutions already mentioned are for special tasks, roofs or chimneys. Granaries and factory chimneys, high-rise buildings with special solutions, blasting if necessary.

Our projects

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- Ferenc Kovacs, Project Manager



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Leading clients:

  • STRABAG Építő Kft.
  • STRABAG Építőipari Zrt.
  • SWIETELSKY Magyarország Kft.
  • Pedrano Construction Hungary Kft.
  • Futureal Zrt.
  • ZÁÉV Zrt.
  • Európa Alapkezelő Zrt.
  • AN Limited Kft.
  • Vektorút Kft.
  • City of Kaposvár
  • City of Szekszárd
  • City of Oroszlány
  • City of Baja
  • Kometa 99 Zrt.
  • Kalmár Kft.
  • Középút-TREND Kft.
  • Fodor Rt.
  • Glázer-Transz Kft.
  • Daltha Kft.
  • Council of Tolna county